Allegiance Ambulance
DISPATCH: 855-247-0911 | Administrative: 855-935-2424

Welcome to Allegiance Ambulance

Allegiance Ambulance is dedicated to offering emergency and non-emergency medical transportation to the public. Our team of medical professionals provide this service with dignity, respect, and professionalism that all patients expect and deserve.

Our comprehensive medical services include the following:


  • Emergency Medical Transports
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transports
  • Assisted Wheelchair Medical Transports
  • Critical Care Paramedic Services
  • Special Events Medical Standbys
  • 911 Emergency Medical Services
  • Public Education and Awareness Classes

Allegiance Ambulance

Allegiance Ambulance is a leader in medical transportation. With more than 100 Mobile Intensive Care ambulances and wheelchair vans, we are properly equipped to manage all of your transportation needs.

We proudly offer emergency and non-emergency medical transports, wheelchair transportation, critical care equipped ambulances and highly trained Paramedics, EMT's and communications personnel. Allegiance Ambulance is a service founded on excellence in service and quality patient care. Founded in 2012, we hold true to a commitment to all our customers to be there when you need us with what you need, every time you call.

We understand the dynamics of the medical transportation market and the challenges that facilities, providers and families face relative to the movement of patients. We pride ourselves on the ability to make patient movement easy, safe and cost effective.

Allegiance Ambulance is strategically located across Texas. We are a family oriented, patient outcome driven service. We strive to build partnerships that are beneficial for our customers, patient’s, and the community.

Allegiance Ambulance




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Non-emergency dispatch:

  • 855.247.0911

Administrative Telephone:

  • 855.935.2424

Our headquarters are located in Georgetown, TX at the following address:

Allegiance Ambulance
501 South Austin Ave. #1301
Georgetown, TX 78626


Everything we do must be as good as it can be. Quality means that our service is not just to transport a patient from one location to another; our crews must perform as promised with every transport. Our customers deserve nothing less.


We practice the highest ethical standards and honor our commitments. Integrity is one of our core values, and we treat everyone fairly with trust and respect. We will strive for continuous quality improvement in all that we do, so that we will rank among the world's premier ambulance service provider.


We have the best financial practices in the business. We are compliant with all financial rules and laws. You need a partner that you can trust when it comes to regulatory and financial compliance. Our practices are aimed towards making patient transports cost efficient.